Monday, March 10, 2014

Day of Rest

Paige is asleep on the couch, and I'm taking a little time to relax after a crazy weekend.

Friday was Edgewood Fun Night, our school's annual fundraiser and carnival. I helped oversee the carnival, which meant I got to do things like buy all the prizes, organize master recyclers to green up the event, and convince Full City to donate coffee to the cause (which they did). The kids had an absolute blast playing games, getting their hair done, dancing in the disco, and winning prizes. Paige won a cookie cake in the cake walk!

Saturday morning was Girl Scout World Thinking Day, an event held across the globe that highlights girl scouts and their customs in different countries. We visited Armenia, England, Mexico, Australia, Senegal, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, and more! The troop that sponsored Australia was my favorite - they created a poster display entitled "Common American Stereotypes of Australia." Pretty awesome for fifth graders!

Unfortunately, P and S's friend got sick in the car (our car) on the way there, so she couldn't come with us and we were exposed to the lovely bug that is going around. I am sooooo hoping P escapes with just the fever and fatigue. She already had a tummy bug this winter. No more!

Speaking of Miss P, a few weeks ago she was Friend of the Week at school, a very cool tradition where each student gets the spotlight for a week of class time. The kids interviewed P to find out her favorite things, and created a book of drawings and compliments for her. She got to choose 10 photos to bring to class to talk about, and they were posted around a colorful list of her favorites, that now graces our dining room bulletin board. It was so sweet to see P in the limelight. She soaked it up :-).

Miss Skylar has made a new friend at the HEDCO Speech and Language clinic at the UO. Her name is Karlie and she is a second grader with cochlear implants. She signs very well, and is teaching Skylar ASL while Skylar models speech sounds. There are so few kids with hearing aids or CI's in Eugene, that both Skylar and Karlie were overjoyed to find another girl within a year of their own age to connect with. We will be inviting Miss K and her older sister over to play with us soon.

This weekend, provided everyone is well, P and S have been invited to their very first double birthday sleepover party. Oh, lordy! Hope that works out. At the very least J and I get to go out to dinner. :-)

One of the pictures Paige chose to take to school

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Fun

Tonight was Paige and Skylar's first Girl Scout meeting, and it went brilliantly. I was completely stressed out about it, because I am leading it, but it went off without a hitch and all the kids and moms are super great! THANK GOODNESS!

We also started basketball last week, which Skylar jumped right into and Paige seemed to mildly enjoy (except the pizza party, that part she REALLY enjoyed).  We are getting in to a good groove of Edgewood families participating in various activities. It feels great!

Ballet continues. Both girls but especially Skylar are obsessed with watching their performance of the Nutcracker (which was admittedly fantastic). How can I object? I'm fine with them watching ballet. Beautiful music, dancing, costumes, the whole bit.

Language class resumes next week for Skylar at the UO Clinic. Paige will get to add an activity of her choice in the spring. Both girls have their book project week after next; they are thinking of doing puppet shows from the Ivy and Bean book series. I'll be sure to video!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So Little Time

So much fun at the Fun Run!
Monkey girls
Amari and the girls

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 Mom's Day/ Birthday Video

The very best yet, from my talented husband. Thank you honey. I love it SO. MUCH!

Sunday, August 18, 2013